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The Substantial Meal

Podcast Series The Substantial Meal

There was a dark time in Irish history when having a drink in a pub with some friends required the additional purchase of a “substantial meal.”

Countless nights of talking absolute nonsense were lost.

To combat this, three friends decided to crank up their Windows XP-powered Dell computers and get drunk together online from the squalor of their own homes.

Join two of Ireland’s funniest comedians, Justine Stafford and Martin Angolo, along with Ireland’s least-known actor Dermot Ward, as they enjoy a few drinks while tackling life’s big questions.

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Series Episodes

A Lotta Lube and a Werther’s Original

A Lotta Lube and a Werther’s Original

This would usually be where we give a vague description of what you can expect from the episode. But as you'll hear, we're mixing things up this week. So instead, here's the opening paragraph from the Wikipedia page for The Lyrics Board: The Lyrics Board was an Irish game show hosted by Aonghus McAnally and then by Eurovision Song Contest 1992 winner Linda Martin. In each episode there are two teams. Each team consists of a piano player/team captain who is joined by two celebrities/singers, at either side. A team would choose a number from one to five, from "the board", revealing a word. The team would then have to sing a song with that related word to remain in charge of 'the board'. If the team sing the secret song which is on the board, then this team would win a point, with the team with the most points declared as the winners.

38 mins

12 May Finished

Ladder to Mars

Ladder to Mars

This week, Dermot is tiring, Justine is inspiring, and Martin is firing on all cylinders as they prove they have their fingers on the pulse by covering topical news from two weeks ago, and decide which billionaire they want to ride

40 mins

5 May Finished

Sad But Dry

Sad But Dry

On this week's episode, we preview festival season, and Martin has a big (and/or small) surprise for Justine and Dermot...

32 mins

28 April Finished

One Last Hurrah for the Elderly

One Last Hurrah for the Elderly

On the show this week, Justine, Martin, and Dermot once again try to focus on the subject of health, but things take a turn for the wurst

39 mins

21 April Finished

Abattoir Feet

Abattoir Feet

On what was supposed to be a health-focused edition of the show this week, Justine, Martin, and Dermot instead lose their minds talking about wrestling for the entire episode. We hope you enjoy it as much as they clearly did.

30 mins

14 April Finished


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