Episode 45 w/ Sinead Kavanagh Image

Episode 45 w/ Sinead Kavanagh

21 October - 46 mins
Podcast Series Talking Bollox Podcast

This week Sinead Kavanagh joins us in the GoLoud Studios. Sinead is on the cusp of becoming world champion with her upcoming fight against Cris Cyborg. Sinead comes in to talk to us about her road to this career defining moment, what life was like growing up, going from being homeless with her child living in B&B's to now preparing for one of the biggest fights in female MMA history.

46 mins

Series Episodes

Episode 50 w/ Miriam Mullins

Episode 50 w/ Miriam Mullins

Miriam is one of the biggest social media content creators in Ireland. She comes in to talk to us about how she built a massive global social media audience in a short space of time and her journey from lockdown to The Late Late Show, with a stop off in South Africa. We also talk about why social media is the new mainstream media, and much more.

1 hour 8 mins

25 November Finished

Episode 49 w/ Adrian Kennedy

Episode 49 w/ Adrian Kennedy

Adrian Kennedy is the king of talk radio. He comes in off the bat with some very controversial zingers! He comes in to talk to us about growing up, getting in to radio, how big the phoneshow was and the impact it had. He tells us some of his most memorable phone calls it & behind the scenes about the days of the show when it was one of the biggest in the country.

1 hour 39 mins

18 November Finished

Episode 48 w/ Joe McGucken Part 2

Episode 48 w/ Joe McGucken Part 2

We have a serious bit of craic in this one, but then we get in to why we got Joe in for a part 2, because a lot was left unsaid in Part 1. This is a very raw, gripping story about Joe's loss of his brother and father and the miracle birth of his son Ollie ‘Ice’ McGucken.

1 hour 30 mins

11 November Finished

Episode 47 - Retrograde

Episode 47 - Retrograde

This week it's just the two boys with a few things to talk about. We talk about how Calvin caused murder with some comments on the law of attraction, and we talk about mindfulness/mindset and how big a role it plays in success and failure in life. We talk about travel and the new experiences it can bring you, and we did a bit of a quiz this week too, with the two boys going head to head.

1 hour 10 mins

4 November Finished

Episode 46 w/ Stall It

Episode 46 w/ Stall It

We have a very different episode for you this week. We recorded a crossover episode with Darren Conway and Joe McGucken, the lads from the Stall It podcast, and it's a mad listen that gets hectic.This episode is 4 lads talking about anything, letting the conversation go anywhere, causing slaughter and having the craic. There's no structure to this one, but loads of laughs about haircuts and runners and Halloween memories, and plenty of real talk about fame and the work that goes into a podcast.

48 mins

28 October Finished


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