Episode 170 w/ Sabina Brennan Image

Episode 170 w/ Sabina Brennan

18 April - 1 hour 31 mins explicit
Podcast Series Talking Bollox Podcast

Change how you think forever, thanks for the ultimate lesson in maximising our brain power from psychologist and neuroscientist Dr. Sabina Brennan who joined us this week to explain what's really going on inside our heads.

The former Fair City actress talked us through the various parts of the brain and their function, and told us about the importance of relaxation, sleep, diet, and laughter, as well as how we form memories, and why we can be so forgetful.

She also gave Calvin some bad news, your brain starts to shrink once you're 30, but thankfully she has great advice for how to keep our minds active and healthy at any age. And she explained how stress and trauma impact the brain, and wh...

1 hour 31 mins

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