Bonus: Moonwalking under a ladder Image

Bonus: Moonwalking under a ladder

16 May 2023 - 31 mins explicit
Podcast Series Talking Bollox Podcast

Umbrella theft, superstitions, the size of fridges, chewing gum in the shower and debatable time travel options - it's a weird one, but Terence explaining his problem with switches on plug sockets takes us on a journey into another realm entirely.

Calvin admits to multiple holding on to multiple superstitions, and a strict code of conduct towards magpies, which Terence mocks him for before admitting to one of the strangest habits we're ever likely to hear.

There's a serious debate about the morals of umbrella theft, a listener has some important public health info to add to the recent discussion around holding in farts, while a disagreement over the size of Irish fridges kicks off.

And a...

31 mins

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