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Truth & Justice is a true crowdsourced investigation in real time. Host, Bob Ruff, asks listeners to help with investigations as he takes on a new potential wrongful conviction case every season. The subject of Season 12 is a grizzly 2006 triple homicide, that occurred in Pinyon Pines, California. Three innocent people lost their lives, and many believe that Robert Pape and Cristin Smith were wrongfully convicted of the murders. Join the investigation, and together we'll find the truth!

Series Episodes

S12E44: The Neighbors

S12E44: The Neighbors

In this episode, we are going to hear from three of the neighbors we haven't heard from up until this point.

1 hour 2 mins

5 February Finished

S12E43: S12:E43 Follow-Up

S12E43: S12:E43 Follow-Up

Zaq's back...and today he joins Bob and Janet to answer your listener questions, and break down Cristin's second interview.

45 mins

3 February Finished

S12E42: S12:E42 Follow-Up

S12E42: S12:E42 Follow-Up

Today, Bob and Janet - sans Zaq - take a closer look at, "A Closer Look".

1 hour 19 mins

27 January Finished

Introducing: Frozen Head

Introducing: Frozen Head

Hosted by Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart from the hit show Morbid. When 90-year-old Laurence Pilgeram drops dead on the sidewalk outside his condo, you might think that’s the end of his story. But, really, it’s just the beginning. Because Laurence and others like him have signed up to be frozen and brought back to life in the future. And that belief will pull multiple generations of the Pilgeram family into a cryonics soap opera filled with dead pets, gold coins, grenades, fist fights, mysterious packages, family feuds, Hall of Fame baseball legends, and frozen heads — lots of frozen heads. From Wondery, comes a story about life, death, and what comes next. Follow Frozen Head on Amazon Music or wherever you get your podcasts. Binge early and ad-free by subscribing to Wondery+ in Apple Podcasts or the WonderyApp.   Listen to Frozen Head: See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

3 mins

23 January Finished


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