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Truth & Justice is a true crowdsourced investigation in real time. Host, Bob Ruff, asks listeners to help with investigations as he takes on a new potential wrongful conviction case every season. The subject of Season 12 is a grizzly 2006 triple homicide, that occurred in Pinyon Pines, California. Three innocent people lost their lives, and many believe that Robert Pape and Cristin Smith were wrongfully convicted of the murders. Join the investigation, and together we'll find the truth!

Series Episodes

S12E35: The Why

S12E35: The Why

In today's episode, Bob takes your candid listener feedback to heart and presents to you, his "why".

48 mins

27 November Finished

S12E34: Jon and Vicki

S12E34: Jon and Vicki

In today's episode, we hear a series of interviews that should help us to move the ball forward.

50 mins

20 November Finished

S12E33: S12:E33 Follow-Up

S12E33: S12:E33 Follow-Up

Today, Bob, Janet & Zaq discuss this week's full-length episode, "Chuck,".

1 hour 3 mins

11 November Finished

S12E33: Chuck

S12E33: Chuck

In today's episode, we hear an interview with Chuck, which paints a picture for us as to what was happening in Becky's life in the year, and even the weekend, before the murders.

1 hour 34 mins

6 November Finished


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