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The Phil Cawley Show

26 January - 54 mins
Podcast Series The Mario Rosenstock Podcast

Phil Cawley and I were colleagues in Today Fm for over 20 years. During his time in the station, Phil presented one of the most listened-to Weekend radio shows in the country. We also got to work together on the Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show a few times.

Phil is a genuine legend of Irish radio and he's also a great character and storyteller.  On this episode we chat about the early days of Today FM, the present and future of radio, the rise and rise of cocaine at gigs and weddings, meeting Elton john in Las Vegas, why he thinks he might be on the spectrum, and lots more.

COMEDY – Brian Dobson has announced his retirement from RTE and his phone has been hopping ever since. We got exclusive acc...

54 mins

Series Episodes

It took ten years, but I have finally bought my own home

It took ten years, but I have finally bought my own home

Award-winning journalist Larissa Nolan spent many years living with her young son in rented accommodation. But ten years ago, she decided that enough was enough and it was time to do everything she had to do, to buy a home for them to call their own. And so began a fascinating story that involved a radical approach to how she approached her career, unexpected support from other women who empathised with her situation, and a whole lot of grit and determination. Its rare that we hear a story about the housing crisis that has a happy ending, but we’re glad to be able to share one in this episode of The Mario Rosenstock Podcast. COMEDY – with the rumours that Boyzone is in talks to buy Chorley FC, Ronan Keating's voicemail box has been hopping, and we get exclusive access. Produced by Patrick Haughey, AudioBrand

46 mins

9 February Finished

Conor Moore  - what a character

Conor Moore  - what a character

He was one of my very first guests on The Mario Rosenstock Podcast – that was almost three years ago and things have just gone from strength to strength for Conor Moore. He has continued to build his repertoire of impressions, including characters from the world of Formula one, he has shared a stage with Roy Keane on The Overlap live show, performed across Ireland on his very own tour, and the list goes on. You’ll hear all the great stories in this episode.  COMEDY – As the Six Nations rugby kicks off, David McWilliams comes up with one of his trademark rugby / economics analogies, and he00 also reminisces about leaving the mean streets of Dalkey to take the Blackrock boys on in a fight.  Produced by Patrick Haughey, AudioBrand

59 mins

2 February Finished

Matt Cooper has the Last Word

Matt Cooper has the Last Word

Ive always admired Matt Cooper’s work ethic. He presents a two and a half hour radio show every day on Today FM, writes two newspaper columns, presents not one but two podcasts, he writes books, he’s a father of 5 and lord knows what else he packs in to his day. In our chat on this episode of the Mario Rosenstock podcast, Matt opens up about what drives him to work so hard, how he plans his day in order to get everything done, and the times when he came very close to burnout and the impact that this has had on his health. We also talk about the importance of really listening to radio and podcast guests, keeping fit and healthy after 50, and his latest book ‘Who really owns Ireland?’. COMEDY – Its awards season and Eamon Dunphy and John Giles discuss the Irish interest, and also ask why there’s so much ‘todger’ on sceen these days. Produced by Patrick Haughey of AudioBrand

58 mins

19 January Finished


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