Liberal helpings of Cal Thomas Image

Liberal helpings of Cal Thomas

23 June - 50 mins
Podcast Series The Mario Rosenstock Podcast

If you,like me, are a fan of The Last Word with Matt Cooper on Today FM, then you will probably be very familiar with my special guest on this episode, the ever-fascinating Cal Thomas.

Cal, along with journalist Marion McKeown, has a weekly slot on Matt’s show, where they debate the big stories and issues happening in the US – Marion generally leans liberally, Cal leans conservatively, and them sometimes they meet somewhere in the middle. It is always a great listen.

Marion was a guest on this podcast a few months ago, so this week its Cal’s turn. He’s one of America’s best known and ‘longest-serving’ journalists – a former Fox news host, his columns are syndicated all over the US print me...

50 mins

Series Episodes

REPOST: Conor Moore makes quite an Impression

REPOST: Conor Moore makes quite an Impression

If you didn’t hear this episode already, then you’re in for a treat. And if you did, its even better the second time around!! Packed full of impressions, laughs and stories – Conor Moore is a dream podcast guest. Enjoy!   *** On this episode we have 47 guests for you. Tiger Woods, Ian Poulter, Tommy Tiernan, Ger Loughnan, Conor McGregor, Michael D Higgins, and Miriam O’Callaghan to name just a few. Now isn’t that great value for 46 minutes of your time.    Conor Moore really is one to watch. From doing impressions of Eamon Dunphy in school, to breaking America with his top-class impressions of the superstars of golf, this Mullingar-man’s story is a great one. I had a ball chatting to him, hearing him do his thing, discussing how we both approach the same voices in totally different ways, finding out how he learns a new character, and loads more.    Also on this episode of The Mario Rosenstock Podcast, you get a brand spanking new comedy sketch that you won’t hear anywhere else.    Get in here!!   Mario Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit for more information.

46 mins

11 August Finished

News just in! Why journalism needs saving

News just in! Why journalism needs saving

This week I’m joined again by one of my favourite guests, Larissa Nolan. Informed, opinionated, and fascinating on so many issues, last week Larissa and I had a fascinating discussion about the housing crisis, this week we talk about the current state of journalism and why it needs a major shot in the arm. Journalism is such an critical, central part of our daily lives, our society and how it runs, but Larissa believes it is in crisis and urgently needs to be saved – we talk about why, and, most importantly, how. COMEDY: We went rooting through the archives again this week and dug out more of our favourite comedy sketches. I have great fun doing impressions of some of my favourite podcasters, David McWilliams in particular. David is a great man for the economic analogies, and he also loves swinging from southside boy to northside lad in the space of seconds on his podcast with producer John Davis. I have great fun with this. Click inside to hear a couple of my own personal favourite David McWilliams sketches… GET IN TOUCH: [email protected] The Mario Rosenstock Podcast is produced by Patrick Haughey of AudioBrand Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit for more information.

32 mins

4 August Finished

Comedy Blockbuster Summer Special

Comedy Blockbuster Summer Special

August is a great time for some light podcast listening, so we’ve put together a very special episode for you, packed full of my favourite comedy sketches from over the last few months of the Mario Rosenstock Podcast. I hope you enjoy – and if you do, subscribe, follow and tell a friend! Sketches:   1.    Both Tony Holohan and Paul Reid are stepping down from their respective roles in the health service – as two prominent figures throughout Ireland’s Covid pandemic response, there’s an ‘end of an era’ feel about it all. Of course there were going away drinks, and The Mario Rosenstock podcast had secret microphones in the room – take a listen…   2.    Now that Boris Johnson has finally succumbed to the pressure and resigned, what is he going to do next? Enter the Love Island villa of course!!   3.    So EVERYONE is talking about this GAA catfish story by The 2 Johnnies. You know the one about the girl who created several different fake social media profiles in order to lure in several GAA players and others, including Johnny B of The 2Johnnies. It is fascinating stuff. They talk all about it on their 2 Johnnies Podcast. But loads of other podcasters have been talking about it too, including Eamon Dunphy and John Giles on The Stand..   4.    What about those crazy queues and delays at Dublin airport – have you been affected yourself? Well Ryanair never misses a trick, and they have come up with a very ‘interesting’ offering for passengers that don’t want to be stuck waiting at the airport for hours. We’ve got our hands on the ad, check it out..   5.    Katie Taylor enjoyed a huge win against Amanda Serrano in April , and when someone achieves the kind of fame that Katie now has, the phone starts ringing, big time. You get calls from all sorts of people that you mightn’t expect to hear from. We got exclusive access to Katie’s voicemails, and it turns out her phone has predictably been hopping..   6.    As the ‘Wagatha Christie’ trial came to an end, Roy Keane and Jamie Carragher had a heated debate about it on Sky Sports…   GET IN TOUCH: [email protected] The Mario Rosenstock Podcast is produced by Patrick Haughey of AudioBrand Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit for more information.

13 mins

1 August Finished

Larissa Nolan gets personal about the housing crisis

Larissa Nolan gets personal about the housing crisis

I’ve been presenting this podcast for over a year now, and a recurring theme has been the immense difficulty that many of us face when trying to buy a home or find a place with affordable rent. Guests like Bressie, TD Richard Boyd Barrett, and writer Mark O’ Halloran have opened up about their struggles trying to find a place to live, and it is really is a sign of the times when successful people like they have such difficulty in this regard.   This is also a topic that I’m deeply interested in and so I wanted to dedicate a whole episode of the podcast to it. One of my favourite people to chat to about societal issues like these is journalist Larissa Nolan, not only is she very passionate and informed about the housing crisis, she has also personal experience, having faced homelessness just a few years ago. So in this episode we talk about her personal experience, what has led to this country facing in to such a housing crisis, who is to blame and who might be able to get us out of it. It’s a bit of a different one, but I think you’re going to really enjoy it COMEDY We take a little trip down memory lane and to one of our favourite comedy sketches from the last few months. It was a rare occasion when my special guest played a starring role in the comedy sketch – the guest was Niall Boylan, one of Ireland’s best known phone-in talk show presenters. Host of The Niall Boylan Show AND Late Nite Live on Classic Hits radio, Niall is a master at moderating live on air discussions with callers, many of which can get very heated. The particular discussion you’re about to hear Niall chair now, features some familiar voices… Enjoy! Mario   GET IN TOUCH: [email protected] The Mario Rosenstock Podcast is produced by Patrick Haughey of AudioBrand Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit for more information.

45 mins

30 July Finished

Meet the DirtBirds!

Meet the DirtBirds!

When we were all locked down during Covid and getting 150 funny whatsapp videos sent to the phone every day, there’s a very good chance that one of those videos was a sketch from the DirtBirds - comedy duo Sinead Culbert and Sue Collins. To describe what they do, here’s the description of their latest tour:   "In a world where women are expected to have the patience of mother Teresa, the arse of Jennifer Lopez, the social media profile of Kim Kardashian and the BMI of Elle McPherson, the pressure is relentless. Dirtbirds’ hilarious new show ‘No Filters’ takes a close look at the barrage of bullshit we are subjected to on a daily basis and reminds us that despite what we’re told, there is no such thing as perfect (except maybe Jamie Dornan’s arse in Fifty Shades Darker) Sue and Sinead have a razor sharp wit, they’re great performers, and they tell it like it is. So as you can imagine, we had a lot of fun in this episode of the Mario Rosenstock podcast. Check out for all the info you need about where you can catch the tour. (They’re also at the Paddy Power comedy festival in Dublin this week from today Thursday 21st July – if you’re reading this in time) Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit for more information.

59 mins

21 July Finished

Oisin McConville on winning, losing and living

Oisin McConville on winning, losing and living

This is a very open, honest, and captivating conversation with one of football’s most gifted players. Oisín McConville has won several Ulster titles, All Ireland medals, and a national league title. He became Ulster football’s top scorer and was awarded two All-Stars during his career.   But while he was enjoying incredible success on the pitch, Oisin’s personal life was spiralling out of control. A gambling addiction saw him run up massive debts, fall out with friends and family, and have suicidal thoughts. In this episode of The Mario Rosenstock podcast, Oisin opens up about his love (and hate) for football, how he overcame a destructive gambling addiction, and he tells me the fascinating history of Crossmaglen and how the British Army (inadvertently) helped his team succeed.   COMEDY: The big heatwave is here and all of my podcast colleagues are talking about it, especially David McWilliams and Joanne McNally and Vogue Williams.   Enjoy! Mario   GET IN TOUCH: [email protected] The Mario Rosenstock Podcast is produced by Patrick Haughey of AudioBrand Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit for more information.

57 mins

15 July Finished


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