Episode 3: Into the Beast Image

Episode 3: Into the Beast

5 September - 35 mins
Podcast Series The Belly of the Beast

Having planned the most daring act of espionage in Irish history, Broy and Collins must now act on it and take the advantage in the battle against the British Empire.

35 mins

Series Episodes

Episode 6: Into the Lair

Episode 6: Into the Lair

With Ned Broy now free from prison, Michael Collins decides he is one of the few people trustworthy enough to head east as he tries to do what so many others had failed at. To free Ireland.

43 mins

26 September Finished

Episode 5: The Consequences

Episode 5: The Consequences

Having given Michael Collins the British Empire's full knowledge of the IRA, Ned Broy now sits in solitary confinement awaiting the consequences of his actions. His execution in the name of Ireland is on the horizon.

23 mins

19 September Finished

Episode 4: The Hunt

Episode 4: The Hunt

As the British Empire has begun seeking out all traitors, Broy finds himself at the centre of their hunt having given Collins the advantage in the IRA's battle against them.

26 mins

12 September Finished

Episode 2: The Big Fella

Episode 2: The Big Fella

Ned Broy's world is utterly transformed having witnessed first hand the 1916 rising and the executions of his fellow nationalists. Now he has decided he can be the key player working towards Irish freedom. This decision leads him to his first meeting with Michael Collins, the most wanted man in the empire.

38 mins

29 August Finished

Episode 1: The Spy

Episode 1: The Spy

7th April 1919, Ned Broy smuggles Michael Collins, the most wanted man in the British empire, into the belly of the imperial beast. Once inside Collins reads his own secret file and glean vital intelligence that would change the course of history and give the Irish the advantage in the fight for freedom.

29 mins

22 August Finished


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