Bonus: A (micro)Nation Once Again Image

Bonus: A (micro)Nation Once Again

5 December 2023 - 31 mins explicit
Podcast Series Talking Bollox Podcast

A listener's question leads to a historic moment, and the founding of a nation created by and for Talking Bollox.

The fledgling nation will be located off the coast of Dublin and to start will have just a handful of laws - mostly related to footwear, and some related to getting fresh.

Terence has hired the bodyguard John Lennon should have had, while Calvin wants to raise an issue with Terencea warning about a trans-Atlantic tsunami.

Terence's mind is blown when he misunderstands that there are kangaroos in north County Dublin, and he's wondering what life would be like being addressed as Lord Power.

31 mins

Series Episodes

Bonus: Countdowns & Rush Hour

Bonus: Countdowns & Rush Hour


We bring you a bonus episode recorded (in part) on the stage at the National Stadium, in the hours before our live show. Terence explains why he likes to do show preparation his own way, and Calvin is feeling like he got his prep routine just right. But even the impending live show can’t distract from the serious business of a bonus episode, like more big claims about local crows, accusations Terence is in fact a character being played by a middle class actor, dream celebrity best friends, and the case for Rush Hour 2 being the greatest film of all time.

32 mins

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