Ep 26: Darren tries to get cancelled Image

Ep 26: Darren tries to get cancelled

12 January - 1 hour 5 mins
Podcast Series Stall It with Darren and Joe

Darren wants to know about what you can and can't say these days, so Joe does his best to walk him along the tightrope of public opinion and show him how to stay on the right side of the line.

The lads talk food, from Joe's hatred for carvery to Darren's delicious but disappointing experience of seafood fine dining (and the embarrassment of eating a whole lobster). And there's a return of the elusive Darren from Finglas.

1 hour 5 mins

Series Episodes

Ep 27: All Praise is Good Praise

Ep 27: All Praise is Good Praise

Some pretty underwhelming sex education meets the American Pie trilogy at a crossroads in Joe's life, while Darren breaks the big news about his upcoming role alongside Tom hardy in an Xtra-Vision. The lads compare superstitions they live by and as the Stall It book club is founded. Joe explains is colour blindness and several fascinating tales of his bathrooms. There's more than one Joe bathroom story this week.

55 mins

19 January Finished

Ep 25: The Cult of Joe

Ep 25: The Cult of Joe

Could Joe cut it as a cult leader? Darren won't be following but he thinks others might. The lads tell each other about the most dangerous places they've visited, Darren remembers the electric shock that sent him out the front door, and Joe tries to open Darren's eyes to the potential of mushrooms.

1 hour 2 mins

5 January Finished

Ep 24: The Big Rip

Ep 24: The Big Rip

What’s the fastest you ever got out of a chair? Darren reminisces about the days when he could leap from a seat in record times. Then there’s an exploration of trypophobia, and Joe gets very squeamish. Darren admits he’s freaked out by outer space, so the lads consider what’s at the end of the universe, a brick wall or a cosmic roundabout? Joe explains why he hates spending money in all circumstances, and listeners have some particularly strange questions this week.

1 hour

29 December 2021 Finished

Ep 23: Crypto Combustion

Ep 23: Crypto Combustion

Why does Joe hate Christmas? He has many reasons, which he happily outlines for us. Darren dreams of making a million on crypto so he can go yacht shopping, but probably just buy a pirate ship instead. And the lads wonder, is human spontaneous combustion real?

56 mins

22 December 2021 Finished

Ep 22: The Christmas Special

Ep 22: The Christmas Special

A very special guest drops in to the Stall It Christmas special, all the way from the North Pole/Finglas, Darren explains the true meaning of Christmas (presents for him) and Joe has some stories of festive traditions from around the world.

54 mins

15 December 2021 Finished


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