Social Engineering: AI & Living Off The Land - Jayson E. Street - PSW #818 Image

Social Engineering: AI & Living Off The Land - Jayson E. Street - PSW #818

1 March - 2 hours 53 mins
Podcast Series Security Weekly Podcast Network (Audio)

Jayson joins us to discuss how he is using, and social engineering, AI to help with his security engagements. We also talk about the low-tech tools he employs to get the job done, some tech tools that are in play, and the most important part of any security testing: Talking to people, creating awareness, and great reporting.

The latest attacks against WiFi, its illegal to break encryption, BLE Padlocks are as secure as you think, when command not found attacks, how did your vibrator get infected...with malware, the OT jackpot, the backdoor in a random CSRF library, it’s a vulnerability but there is no CVE, car theft and Canada, Glubteba, and settings things on fire!

Visit https://www.sec...

2 hours 53 mins

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