All the News - Just Six Months Later - Application Security Weekly #265 Image

All the News - Just Six Months Later - Application Security Weekly #265

5 December 2023 - 1 hour 10 mins
Podcast Series Security Weekly Podcast Network (Audio)

We cover appsec news on a weekly basis, but sometimes that news is merely about the start of a new project, sometimes it's yet another example of a vuln class, and sometimes it's a topic we hope doesn't become a trend.

So, what themes have we seen and where do we see them going? Here are a few headline topics that have alternately generated yays and yawns.

CISA's Secure by Design and Secure by Default CVSS 4.0 Generative AI MFA mandates Microsoft, Rust, and Memory Safety New TLDs OAuth OpenSSF and OWASP In the news, repetition extracts data from ChatGPT, more vulns in the software that surrounds AI, guidelines for secure AI, LogoFAIL trips a boot, BLUFFS attack on Bluetooth, CISA's fir...

1 hour 10 mins

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