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Podcast Series Honey You're Ruining Our Kid

The first ever zero judgement parenting podcast from the team behind An Irishman Abroad. Join funny man Jarlath and child behaviouralist Tina Regan as they tackle the questions, the worries and the day-to-day hilarity that comes with modern parenting.

Jarlath collects anonymous questions from frazzled and exhausted parents, while Tina shares more than 20 years of experience working in early childhood intellectual, behavioural and social development. With genuine problems from real parents it’s anyone’s guess what the questions will be but the pair will gamely tackle anything that’s thrown their way. Expect all manner of queries including:

- "My young lad eats like a caveman and is mo...

Series Episodes

Ep 20 Smelly Willies, Explaining Periods & Coping With The Anger

Ep 20 Smelly Willies, Explaining Periods & Coping With The Anger

Smelly willies! What do we do about them? How do we get our boys to wash their junk without mortifying them completely. In this week’s episode Jar opens up about his entanglement at 11 and how best to get your instantly embarrassed boy to take in this essential hygiene info. Periods suck. Every single woman knows this. In an age where our children actually find out what’s about to happen to their bodies how do we prepare them and take away the fear? Tina and Jarlath discuss the different resources out there to help arm our girls and prepare them for this next step. Can we feel empowered by our periods rather than exhausted by them? Are you struggling to get your child to control their temper? Are they manipulating you and using language you find triggering. Is this leaving you feeling out of control and utterly disrespected. We can help. All is not lost. Let’s reframe how we address this behaviour. Tune in to hear Jarlath and Tina’s different approaches to help extinguish these behaviours. To submit your question to Tina simply email [email protected] - all emailers remain anonymous of course. Tina replies to every single email personally. Find us on www.patreon.com/irishmanabroad

52 mins

6 February Finished

Ep 19 When Mealtimes Go Bad & Is Time Up For The Time Out

Ep 19 When Mealtimes Go Bad & Is Time Up For The Time Out

Want to know the parenting life hack that allows you to cook one dinner for the whole family, makes mealtimes fun again and won't cost you an extra penny. "Tina's Tapas" are perfect for those kids that won't eat what's put on their plate no matter how hard you try to make it special for them. This week Tina revisits the core ideas behind letting your kid create their dinner from the ingredients on the table. It's "facepalmingly" simple but effective stuff. Another topic gets a second look this week in tantrums. When is the naughty step useless? Is there an age when a child is too young for this measure. One emailer needs Tina to settle a bet! Does your partner wake up angry with you for something you did in their dreams? Well Jarlath feels your pain. When is subconscious cheating not cheating, when it's Tina doing it!

46 mins

30 January Finished

Ep 18 Kids who get scared at night time, disrespectful twins & Dolly Parton.

Ep 18 Kids who get scared at night time, disrespectful twins & Dolly Parton.

On this week's episode Tina helps with a child that feels unsafe in their own room at night. What do you do when your child has had an awful fright and is now too afraid to sleep on their own? Tina supports a mother through this with some helpful advice and workable tips that might be useful to anyone having issues with their child feeling settled. Have your kids gone from cute to rude over night? Have they stopped listening and you feel completely dismayed by their disrespectful behaviour? Is there any way back? Tina and Jarlath think there is light at the end of the tunnel. Together they try their best to help a mom of four year old twins get her boys back on track. Be sure to stay tuned to the end and laugh along with some of the really strange things Tina had been getting wrong for most to get adult life. Jarlath tries to help her feel better by sharing some of our listeners mistakes too. We can’t believe that we are at episode 19 already! Thank you again for subscribing, sharing and supporting our show. To reach us email [email protected] or support the continuation of the series financially by supporting us on Patreon. There's heaps of bonus content there for you to enjoy in return.

42 mins

23 January Finished

Ep 17 Biters, Clingers & Kids That Won't Change Clothes!

Ep 17 Biters, Clingers & Kids That Won't Change Clothes!

Is your child super clingy? If you're wondering how you can you survive this super dependent stage, today's episode is for you. This week Tina calls upon all of her experience working with extreme childhood behaviours to help our emailers who feel overwhelmed by what their kids are throwing at them. Clinging to you is hard to manage but what do you do if your child is clinging to their clothes? We hear about a child that refuses to get dressed? Are you pulling your hair out while trying to pull their clothes off? How can you tackle the getting dressed battle and preserve your sanity? Jar and Tina have an exciting announcement to make and we hear from a Mom who can't get her child to stop biting. Tina knows how to help and provides a set of steps for anyone in this situation. If you live in fear of when your child might use their teeth to hurt someone, you will need to hear this. Is there hope for your little biting cutie pie? Of course there is. You are not alone, this is a common behaviour and easily helped. Listen in to hear how you can help your child no longer feel the need to bite! Make sure to email us on [email protected] or find us on www.patreon.com/irishmanabroad.

43 mins

16 January Finished

Ep 16 Un-spoiling The Spoiled Child & How To Navigate Parenting Overwhelm

Ep 16 Un-spoiling The Spoiled Child & How To Navigate Parenting Overwhelm

Welcome back, Happy New Year and congratulations on surviving your kids this Christmas. In today's episode Tina and Jarlath dive into the secret struggle of most parents after the holiday season. How can we "unspoil" our children. Can we get them back to some kind of normal or has the Santa fever sent them round the twist? Is your child a runner? Do they just not listen to you? Do you worry about leaving the house so much that it’s just easier to just stay home? Tina has seen it all before and has a great strategy that will definitely help. Listen in to hear her solution and get your life outside of the house back. WARNING: In this week's episode we are reminded how tough being a Mom can be. Do you feel on your own in finding it tough? More than likely. Are you actually on your own in feeling that way? Absolutely not. Your feelings are important and your feelings are never wrong. Asking for help is essential. Taking care of yourself is a necessity. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Contact Tina on [email protected] today with whatever is happening in your parenting life. Find us on Patreon and gain excess to exclusive extra content www.patreon.com/irishmanabroad

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9 January Finished


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