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The first ever zero judgement parenting podcast from the team behind An Irishman Abroad. Join funny man Jarlath and child behaviouralist Tina Regan as they tackle the questions, the worries and the day-to-day hilarity that comes with modern parenting.

Jarlath collects anonymous questions from frazzled and exhausted parents, while Tina shares more than 20 years of experience working in early childhood intellectual, behavioural and social development. With genuine problems from real parents it’s anyone’s guess what the questions will be but the pair will gamely tackle anything that’s thrown their way. Expect all manner of queries including:

- "My young lad eats like a caveman and is mo...

Series Episodes

S2 Ep3 Are Some Kids Just Brats? Hair Pulling, Eye Rolling & More

S2 Ep3 Are Some Kids Just Brats? Hair Pulling, Eye Rolling & More

Are some little kids just trying to wind their parents up? Jar and Tina delve into this and three other great questions anonymously supplied by you, the listeners of Honey! You're Ruining Our Kid! (The zero judgement parenting podcast) Question 1: An uncle worried about how rude his brother's kids are. Can step in or has he any role in breaking this behaviour?   Question 2: What to do about Trichotillomania? This is a disorder that can get out of control if your child is using is as a comforting technique.  Question 3: What do you do when siblings have a very strange relationship? How do you get your kids to believe in each other? Proudly sponsored by Buymie. Email- [email protected].  Follow us on Instagram for even more https://instagram.com/honeyyouareruiningourkid?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== Get bonus episodes and support the show www.patreon.com/irishmanabroad

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18 September Finished

S2 Ep2 Cracking Eggs & Taking Names! Anxiety In Young Children & Bedtime Battles.

S2 Ep2 Cracking Eggs & Taking Names! Anxiety In Young Children & Bedtime Battles.

Anxiety in little kids can be sparked by almost anything including cracking an egg off their head for the sake of a TikTok video trend. Tina tries to help a Mom trying to get her child to understand that making mistakes is ok. There's a battle at bedtime in most houses at some point. Can Tina help a Mom who finds her child enjoying the game of going to bed way too much? Jar has a novel approach to making kids relax and Tina helps another kid that has regressed with their toilet training. There's a lot of laughs and a lot of information as usual. Buymie.ie is the proud partner of Honey! You're Ruining Our Kid the zero judgement parenting podcast. Why not get groceries delivered to someone in your life in as little as an hour? It's easy it's fast and it's cheaper using the offer code "HONEY10". DON'T FORGET YOU CAN EMAIL THE SHOW. Tina replies and helps everyone. Simple send your problem to honeyyouare[email protected] and she will get back to you as soon as she possibly can.

50 mins

11 September Finished

Season 2 Ep 1 Dad Is "No Fun", Is My Kid Wetting On Purpose & The Clinger!

Season 2 Ep 1 Dad Is "No Fun", Is My Kid Wetting On Purpose & The Clinger!

What do you do if your kid won't let you leave their sight? What do you do if your kid is returning to wetting themselves after being successfully potty training years ago? What do you do if your kid isn't a fan of your partner and only wants to hang out with you? The good news is "Honey! You're Ruining Our Kid" the zero judgement parenting podcast is back. Tina bring here 20 years of experience in child behaviour and early years education to help parents from all over the world. They email the show anonymously and comedian Jarlath Regan reads them out! Strategies and solutions for every possible situation you find yourself in, proved for free by the best woman in the business. Come for the info and stay for the laughs. Raising kids is hard. We shouldn't have to do it alone and shouldn't have a bit of fun in the process. Email us today - [email protected] - Tina replies to every single email personally. Buymie.ie are our proud partner on this show. Sign up for the Buymie app in the App store today and get Dunnes Stores groceries delivered to your house or your friends' houses in as little as an hour. It makes the perfect time saver and pick me up for someone you might know who could do with a bit of help. Who wouldn't like a bag of treats dropped on their door step. See Jarlath’s standup live and in person in 2023/24 www.jigser.com/gigs 

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4 September Finished

Ep 38 Summer Holiday Kid Wrangling Cheat Codes & More

Ep 38 Summer Holiday Kid Wrangling Cheat Codes & More

How the hell are we supposed to manage these little monsters/darlings for the next few weeks. Summer panic is upon us. Tina revisits the "tapas meal technique" that has changed countless listeners' lives and meal times. One mom gets in touch who is struggling to accommodate her child’s dinner requests. What do you do when they refuse to eat the requested dinner. We have to take the power back. Allow your child to think they are in control while you pull all the strings. Everyone is happy when tummies are full. What do you do when a 4 year old's behaviour is off the reservation. When she’s stumbling round the house like an 80s glam rock star leaving a trail of destruction behind her. Tina thinks this is an easy fix. Tina also recommends introducing a visual planner that will change your summer. Let your kids in on the plan. Inform them of the rules and your expectations. Give them the chance to show you how good they can be. Once they know what’s expected they will play ball. This is our July episode for the summer. We will record an August one too and then it will be back to business as usual in September with season 2 of Honey! You’re Ruining Our Kid. The email will remain open. Tina is here for you guys this summer. So keep those questions coming in [email protected]. Happy summer holidays everyone, thank you for supporting our show and helping it grow. We are so grateful. Download the buymie.ie app today and use the offer code "HONEY10" for a lovely little treat on us.

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4 July Finished

Ep 37 Answering Your Kid's Awkward Questions, Body Image & Rejection

Ep 37 Answering Your Kid's Awkward Questions, Body Image & Rejection

The school holidays are finally here and it's your job to entertain these little darlings 24/7! The panic is real. As are the emails that have been filling up Tina's inbox about what the hell to do when your circus comes to town and you're the chief plate spinner. As always there is 3 big questions on 3 thorny issues and a few big laughs thrown in. There's even a bit of RTE chat thrown in to help you explain to our kids the value of putting your hand up when you screw up. Great kid, terrible sense of humour? What do you do when your child is a little angel but makes terribly hurtful jokes at your expense? Tina thinks boundaries are the key while I think education comedically will produce an understanding of where the line is and when to cross it. Is a family meeting or a Billy Connolly DVD the answer? A worrying question or a sign of the times? What do you say to your 3 year old kid when they ask you, "Am I fat?" We hear from a family where a very young child has suddenly become body conscious. Is it best to ignore this? When does this disturbing question from a small child warrant more attention? Tina explains the need to refocus their interest on food and its function as fuel for the body to build, repair and run. What do you do when your family rejects your child? A parent gets in touch for advice on how to deal with the rejection she suffers at the hands of her relations. Her extended family have zero interest in getting to know her child. Recently her child has become aware of this. The feeling of rejection is deep. How do you guide your child through this? Without a doubt, this is one of the toughest questions we have received to date. Get in touch with any advice you have or questions for Tina by emailing - [email protected]. Also what are your summer family-life-hacks? Is there a shortcut to an easier summer we could all use? Let us know. (Download the Buymie.ie App and take the stress and expense out of stocking your house with groceries this summer.)

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26 June Finished


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