S2 Ep3 Are Some Kids Just Brats? Hair Pulling, Eye Rolling & More Image

S2 Ep3 Are Some Kids Just Brats? Hair Pulling, Eye Rolling & More

18 September 2023 - 41 mins
Podcast Series Honey You're Ruining Our Kid

Are some little kids just trying to wind their parents up? Jar and Tina delve into this and three other great questions anonymously supplied by you, the listeners of Honey! You're Ruining Our Kid! (The zero judgement parenting podcast)

Question 1: An uncle worried about how rude his brother's kids are. Can step in or has he any role in breaking this behaviour?


Question 2: What to do about Trichotillomania? This is a disorder that can get out of control if your child is using is as a comforting technique. 

Question 3: What do you do when siblings have a very strange relationship? How do you get your kids to believe in each other?

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41 mins

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