Giant Bomb's Game of the Year 2023: Day 2 Image

Giant Bomb's Game of the Year 2023: Day 2

5 December 2023 - 2 hours 37 mins
Podcast Series Giant Bombcast

SCREW IT! WE'LL DO IT LIVE! Join us as we continue down the journey of Game of the Year 2023.

The whole crew is mostly here to chat about seven more categories:

BEST PIKMINBloodborne Presents OLD GAME OF THE YEARPsi-Ops Presents BEST DUDE-TOSSING - BEST MULTIPLAYERSoulja Boy Presents Best Game For People Who Drink Beer And Get Drunk or Smoke Weed and Get High and who macrodose to deal with the pain of everyday lifeMOST B-GAMECheesecake Factory Presents PETER MOLYNEUX MEMORIAL (he’s fine) AWARD FOR MOST IDEAS

2 hours 37 mins

Series Episodes

829: Fantasian

829: Fantasian

This week we chat extensively about more Balatro and some more talk about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth! We also squeeze in some Arzette and Unicorn Overlord chat as well. On top of that we cover the recent layoffs at Sony, a quick recap over the Pokemon Direct from this morning, and a whole slew of more news and emails!

2 hours 48 mins

28 February Finished



We've got a full house today to chat about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth! Don't worry, because we dodge spoilers as Jeff Grubb, Lucy James, TurboShawn McDowell, Tamoor Hussain, Mike Minotti, and Emma Fyffe give their impressions on the game as a whole!

1 hour 27 mins

22 February Finished

828: Like A Roll of Toilet Paper

828: Like A Roll of Toilet Paper

Jan's out for this one, so Host Bakalar and Producer Grubb join forces with Dan and Shawn to talk about cool indie games, the Switch 2's potential release window, and the glory of Baja Blast.

2 hours 12 mins

20 February Finished



We got our dear friend from VGC News, Jordan Middler, on the podcast today to chat about games, the Switch 2, and whether or not Cloud Strife is popular!

1 hour 10 mins

16 February Finished

827: Urn-ergy

827: Urn-ergy

The Bombcast is for lovers! We chat about cards in Balatro, Bakalar's time with the dioramalike Harold Halibut, and how much we've been enjoying Helldivers 2! Grubb also explains the news such as Xbox's podcast, Switch 2 leaks, and even more news stories.

2 hours 9 mins

13 February Finished

826: Whimsical Skips

826: Whimsical Skips

Let's all give Grubb a warm welcome back to the pod as he graces us with swift skips in the morning. We're also graciously joined by KindaFunny's SnowBikeMike as we dive deep into a whole bunch of Xbox and other Microsoft news! We chat about playtime in games, a bit about Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and Jan gets into poker trouble.

2 hours 34 mins

6 February Finished


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