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Aisling Nestor - Doing the Work

5 September 2022 - 54 mins
Podcast Series Changemakers with Clare McKenna

With this episode I wanted to do something slightly different, I'm still talking to someone who works in the area of making change but if we want to show up in the world, or even in just our own life, we can't pour from an empty cup so I've invited Life Coach Aisling Nestor on to the podcast today.

Aisling was working as a medical professional in the area of mental health when she experienced severe burnout which left her bed ridden for 3 months. When medical and psychological assessments gave her a clean bill of health she began working with a coach who made her unpack the stories she was telling herself, assess the impact they were having on her life and make a plan to move forward.


54 mins

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Sandra Healy - Using Tech for Diversity and Inclusion

Sandra Healy - Using Tech for Diversity and Inclusion

I was quite blown away by this week's episode with Sandra Healy co founder of Inclusio a science based, data led diversity and inclusion platform, designed to measure, track and action diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We talk about her career in tech spanning over 20 years and how a moment where she noticed a major gap between the number of men and woman at a conference to now working to have a more equal playing field for all, so that a workforce represents the diversity of our classrooms, our society and ultimately the customers of a business. We talk about bias from seeing a name or address on a CV right the way through the work force and I found myself with a bias, I was still thinking of inclusion through a bit of an us and them lens – that it was a good idea to have more people who are different than me working alongside me and to break down any barriers to that, and that's true to a degree but after talking to Sandra I've realised it's actually about all of us, WE are all different and it goes deeper that race or nationality and its important we come together and make sure every voice is heard. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

50 mins

29 August 2022 Finished

Eoin Galavan - Why Don't We Care About Climate Change?

Eoin Galavan - Why Don't We Care About Climate Change?

Dr Eoin Galavan is a senior clinical psychologist and associate fellow with the psychological society of Ireland – they have recently set up a special interest group for addressing climate and environmental emergency. The group are looking at the psychological reasons why we hear the information, we know there is only a window of opportunity for us to turn around the climate crisis and yet we often just return to normal life and hope that someone else will sort it. Eoin speaks honestly about his own journey to becoming climate concerned, not just as psychologist but also as a father and the steps he has taken.This is ultimately an empowering and uplifting conversation, not only giving greater understanding of how we humans work and behave but also what we CAN do now that can make a real difference. Here are some of the references from the conversation; Psychological Society off Ireland Special Interest Group on Addressing the Environmental and Climate Crisis Epson Stonkes Ted Talk What we can do now Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

58 mins

22 August 2022 Finished

Seyi Akiwowo - Staying Safe Online

Seyi Akiwowo - Staying Safe Online

Seyi Akiwowo is CEO and founder of Glitch and now author of How to Stay Safe Online – A digital self care toolkit for developing resilience and allyship. Seyi has had the most incredible journey – a force to be reckoned with she became the youngest ever black female councillor in London at the age of 22. When a video of a speech she made at the European Parliament went viral, it led to a surge in followers but also sexist and racist comments as well as death threats. This experience led Seyi to speak out about the online world, it's very much knitted in to our every day and there are so many positives, but there is so much we allow to go unregulated and unreprimanded. Seyi speaks of the digital platform as being a public space with us as digital citizens and we should protect ourselves in that space as much as we do off line. Today we talk about Seyi moving on from that traumatic experience and pouring herself into setting up Glitch, a charity looking to end online abuse through awareness, advocacy and action. We look at the fall out of online abuse including the sobering statistic that 43% girls hold back their opinions on social media for fear of being criticised. For black women it is worse, 84% are more likely to be mentioned in an abusive or problematic comment. Online abuse causes more issues that mental health, its infringing on human rights and eroding democratic engagement. We also talk about the boundaries we ourselves have to put in place in the online world. I saw Seyi speak a couple of years ago and was blown away by her passion and had so many AHA moments with things she was saying about digital citizenship and the online world. I've been hoping to speak to her since then and I'm so chuffed she chose to make time for this podcast to discuss her brilliant book. For more on Glitch which is packed with info and resources click here For more on Seyi's book How to Stay Safe Online click here Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

57 mins

15 August 2022 Finished

Conor Buckley - Human Collective

Conor Buckley - Human Collective

My guest today is Conor Buckley – Conor is the founder of Human Collective – a brand of sustainable clothing with a message of equality and a movement that includes education and workshops. As you'll hear Conor was inspired by his mum Christine, a changemaker herself who spoke out about institutional abuse and was a champion for victims and the vulnerable. Human Collective gives back to three charity partners, Sports Against Racism Ireland, LGBTQ plus Ireland and The Irish Youth Foundation to support their work tackling inequality. We talk in this episode about how we all have bias but now more than ever we need to come together as a collective – we need to call in rather than call out injustice and how it's ok to take small steps towards real and lasting change. Inclusion and diversity is what will empower and it's important that we aren't passive in our pursuit of this – but true allies. For more on Human Collective click here Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

51 mins

8 August 2022 Finished

Níall Ó'Murchú - The Power of the Breath

Níall Ó'Murchú - The Power of the Breath

Níall Ó'Murchú is a wellness expert, a Wim Hof instructor and author of The Blissful Breath. His mission is to teach people the tools to be able to check in with themselves and feel the many benefits breathwork and in some cases cold therapy can bring. In today's episode we talk about his most recent venture, retraining in trauma and breathwork, initially to help the anxiety his young twin daughters were feeling after the pandemic. This is now been made into a programme to help children and teenagers all over the world. Niall feels that the changemakers are the people who take those tools and use them – I hope at the end of this episode you'll feel empowered that you can make a difference to your own life, starting with just a few minutes of breathing every day. For more on Níall click here The Blissful Breath Book Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

56 mins

1 August 2022 Finished


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