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29 May - 50 mins
Podcast Series What'sHerName

The story goes that the American Civil Rights movement started when Rosa Parks refused to leave her bus seat in 1955. But 89 years before that, Ellen Garrison refused to leave the waiting room at a Baltimore train station. When she was thrown out, she sued, in one of the first court cases to test African American civil rights. Criss-crossing America to teach former slaves wherever needed, Ellen Garrison devoted her life to lifting those who had been held down.

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50 mins

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THE INDOMITABLE SPIRIT Artemisia Gentileschi

THE INDOMITABLE SPIRIT Artemisia Gentileschi

Artemisia Gentileschi was one of the most famed and respected painters in 17th century Europe, but after she died her story - and many of her works - were lost. Now award-winning artist Lindsay Huss helps us uncover her incredible life.   Music for this episode provided by Marc Nelson, Advent Chamber Orchestra, Catrin Finch, John Harrison, and the Wichita State University Chamber Players Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

53 mins

13 July Finished

BONUS: A Night of Celebration Live

BONUS: A Night of Celebration Live

What'sHerName goes live! To launch our new book, What's Her Name, A History of the World in 80 Lost Women, former episode guests convene in London from all over the world for a Night of Celebration! In rapid-fire succession, brilliant 3-minute performances of poetry, song, story and dance take us chronologically through the history of the world. The magic is punctuated throughout with short readings by Katie and Olivia from the new book. The packed house at the Vagina Museum, with the most enthusiastic audience, made for a heartwarming night we'll never forget! Guest Performers in order of appearance: Introduction and reading by GABBY NEMETH, Senior Editor at Michael O’Mara Books Musician and composer SAM HENDERSON (our little brother!) performing the world's oldest written song, the Seikolos Epitaph Chemist and poet KIRK STAPLEY, reading his poem "Naia" SISTER RITA MINEHAN, Brigidine Sister and founding member of the Solas Bhríde Centre, reading St. Brigid's Lake of Beer Prayer GABO CEMÉ, founder of Eco Maya Travel and Wild Animal Sanctuary, telling the story of Zazil-Ha Westminster Abbey's AARON PATERSON, reading the 17th century petitions and receipts of Elizabeth Gregory, Head Carpenter of the Abbey Award-winning Pakistani singer-songwriter and Bollywood music director ZEB BANGASH performing Roshe, a love poem by 16th century Persian mystic Habba Khatun Professor WALEED ZIAD of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina, telling the story of 19th century Sufi mystic Dadi Mithan IAN MORTIMER, bestselling author of more than twenty books on the history of England, reflects on the life of Harriot Mellon Composer JESSICA WADLEY performing her original song "Mount Florence" about Yosemite adventurer Florence Hutchings Dancer and choreographer JANET COLLARD performing her interpretation of 1920s cabaret dancer Valeska Gert's infamous "prostitute dance," Canaille. KIP WILSON reading from her novel-in-verse One Last Shot, about Spanish Civil War photojournalist Gerda Taro NIKKI DRUCE, host of the Macabre London podcast, recreates the final seance of Helen Duncan, Britain's last convicted witch Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter NEYLA PEKAREK, formerly of The Lumineers, performs "I Want Everything" from her 2022 musical Rattlesnake Kate SOPHIE POLDERMANS, author of Seducing and Killing Nazis, telling the story of Truus and Freddie Oversteegen and Hannie Schaft Composer and musician Erica Glenn, Director of Choral Activities at BYU - Hawaii, performing an Art Song by Ukranian composer Stefania Turkevych Historian PAM TOLER tells the story of anti-fascist war correspondent Sigrid Schultz, from her forthcoming book The Dragon from Chicago Art Historian MONICA WALKER, Events Manager at the Old Operating Theater Museum, performs a bellydance in honor of Samia Gamal of Egypt Artist, designer, and illustrator ELLA KASPEROWICZ, illustrator of our second book A Stinky History of Toilets, whose whimsical illustrations brighten the future of the world Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

1 hour 35 mins

26 June Finished

THE BYZANTINE Irene of Athens

THE BYZANTINE Irene of Athens

From arriving at the port of Constantinople as a teenage bride to the heir to the Byzantine Throne, to exiling - and blinding - her own son, Constantine IV, to boldly crowning herself the first Empress Regnant of the Byzantine Empire, Irene of Athens' life was a wildly unpredictable ride through one of the most tumultuous and fascinating periods of medieval history. Olivia interviews archaeologist and historian Judith Herrin, author of Women in Purple: Rulers of Medieval Byzantium and Unrivalled Influence: Women and Empire in Byzantium. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

58 mins

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A charming Indonesian orphan danced her way to fame and fortune... except literally everything about Mata Hari was a lie. She said she wanted to live like a butterfly in the sun. So in the end, could she really have been guilty of espionage? Katie takes us to Leiden to marvel at the incredible life of Mata Hari. Music featured in this episode provided by Doug Maxwell, Jesse Gallagher, Patrick Patrikios, Amulets, Offenbach, Jimena Contreras, BizBaz Studio, Wayne Jones, Quincas Moreira, ELPHNT and E’s Jammy Jams. Want to help us “make history”? Become a Patron or Donate here! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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When Jewish mathematician Pepi Mehlberg was offered a new identity as Countess Janina Suchodolska in Nazi-occupied Poland, she took that chance and used it - to join the underground resistance, feed thousands of Nazi prisoners every week, and eventually rescue over 10,000 Poles from Majdanek concentration camp. And she was just getting started. Our guests are Elizabeth White and Joanna Sliwa, authors of the new book The Counterfeit Countess: The Jewish Woman Who Rescued Thousands of Poles During the Holocaust. Music featured in this episode provided by: Trialogo, Amanda Setlik Wilson, Kevin MacLeod, Esther Abrami, Myuu, Nico deNapoli, E's Jammy Jams, Adam Aston and Michael Levy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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