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The Shona Project Podcast with Alison Curtis and Tammy Darcy

Podcast Series The Shona Project Podcast with Alison Curtis and Tammy Darcy

The Shona Project is a charity that works across secondary schools in Ireland to inspire, support and help teenage girls and their parents navigate the teenage years. Founder Tammy Darcy has joined forces with Today FM presenter Alison Curtis to curate a podcast which complements the work already done by The Shona Project. The aim is to provide an easily accessible audio resource guide for parents of girls between the ages of 12-18. Each episode will cover a very tailored subject with a panel of experts to provide key information and support on a range of issues that parents of teenage girls face daily. Its an upbeat and helpful chat, perfect for your morning walk or commute.

Series Episodes

6 -Anxiety Explained

6 -Anxiety Explained

There's no two ways about it, we are in an anxiety epidemic. Today we're joined by the wonderful Louize Carroll of Prism Therapy who explains that not all anxiety is bad for us, and how we can regulate ourselves and our girls.

29 mins

19 February Finished

5- Is Skincare a scam?

5- Is Skincare a scam?

This Christmas we've heard of girls as young as eight asking for skincare products as presents, including Retinols, Acids and other stuff we don't understand. So to help us figure it out, we asked Dr Laura to chat to us about if these products are necessary or if we're wasting our money. Spoiler alert... yes we are. Dr Laura breaks down what the products do, which are helpful for acne, and which are actually harmful in the long run. Tammy, who is the WORST when it comes to being influenced to buy stuff online has a word with herself, and alls well that ends well. Send your emails to, we'd love to hear from you.

22 mins

12 February Finished

4 - Disordered Eating

4 - Disordered Eating

In this episode Alison and Tammy speak to Harriet Parsons of BodyWhys - The Eating Disorders Association of Ireland. They start by discussing healthy habits we can instil in our daughters from an early age to help them have a healthy relationship with food. We then discuss early warning signs of disordered eating, first steps to support our child if this develops and the definite things to avoid doing as a parent if you suspect your child has disordered eating.

33 mins

5 February Finished

3 - Bullying

3 - Bullying

Tammy tells of her own experiences with bullying in this episode and that her experience was one of the main driving forces for establishing The Shona Project. Tammy and Alison invite Allie Leahy on to talk of her experience of bullying. Allie was this year’s Offaly Rose in the Rose of Tralee, she bravely shared her story and has since become a wonderful advocate for anti-bullying in Ireland. In the 3rd part of this episode Alison speaks to parenting consultant Dr. Mary O’Kane on ways to support our child if they experience bullying, warning signs and things to avoid in supporting our child through this situation.

37 mins

29 January Finished


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