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MMI 100th Episode Spectacular!!

20 October 2022 - 1 hour 47 mins
Podcast Series Murder Most Irish

Hello ya bunch of rides!

It's our 100th episode, friends! This week we give you cases from both Sarah Jane and Emma. Sarah Jane covers some inept criminals in Ireland and Emma covers the incredible human rights activist, politician, writer and feminist Bernadette Devlin.

We also throw in some treats for you!

Thank you so much for getting us to 100. We love you guys!

Have a great week

Case begins at 1:05:38



1 hour 47 mins

Series Episodes

I'm Nine and I've Got a Moustache! Episode 110

I'm Nine and I've Got a Moustache! Episode 110

Lads! This week Sarah Jane talks about the Irish crime journalist Veronica Guerin. Veronica was murdered in 1996 but her bravery and incredible work changed the landscape of Irish law. Have a great week and look after yourselves Case begins at 33:59

1 hour 15 mins

1 February Finished

We Did an Hour Intro and Colin was Pissed. Episode 109

We Did an Hour Intro and Colin was Pissed. Episode 109

Hello friends! This week Emma covers the case of 31 year old Csaba Orsos. Csaba was the passenger in a car that was driven into Arklow Harbour by 29 year old Marta Herda. We hope you have a lovely week and look after yourself Case begins at 29:20 References: Mens Rea Episode 109

1 hour 27 mins

26 January Finished

Sallynoggin Is a Real Place. Episode 108

Sallynoggin Is a Real Place. Episode 108

Hello friends! We are FINALLY back, baby! This week Sarah Jane tackles two not very well known cases: the murder of 92 year old Jim Mulqueen and 48 year old Felix McCann. Both cases remain unsolved to this day Have a lovely week and take care of yourselves! Cases begin at 40:52

1 hour 10 mins

18 January Finished

MMI Patreon Special: The Lady of the Dunes. Episode 107.5

MMI Patreon Special: The Lady of the Dunes. Episode 107.5

Hi friends. So Emma got Covid! Of course she did! We were unable to record an episode this week so instead we are uploading a case we covered on Patreon a little while ago. Colin and Emma sat down to talk about the tragic and fascinating case of The Lady of the Dunes. We will be back next week and we are sorry about all of this! Have a lovely rest of your week References:

34 mins

12 January Finished

MMI Christmas Spectacular!

MMI Christmas Spectacular!

Hello hello! We're back and we're a day late! Story of our lives This week we have a Christmas Special where we answer all of your questions about us two smelly bitches! Lads have an amazing Christmas, Happy Holidays and we will see you in the New Year Thank you so much for all of your support over the last year, we appreciate it so much!

1 hour 25 mins

22 December 2022 Finished

Jazze Jeff. Episode 106

Jazze Jeff. Episode 106

Lads! We are back! This week Emma talks about the fascinating and upsetting case of Samantha Azzopardi. When a terrified and distressed 14 year old girl was found outside the GPO in Dublin in 2013, the Gardai worked arduously to try and figure out who she was and what had happened to her. The girls story, however, would take a very unexpected turn. Have a lovely week lads and look after yourselves. Case begins at 26:25 References:

1 hour 21 mins

14 December 2022 Finished


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