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Let Me Explain with Seán Defoe

Podcast Series Let Me Explain with Seán Defoe

If you don't have the time to keep up with every twist and turn of the news agenda then sit back and Let Me Explain.

Each week host Seán Defoe goes behind the scenes on one of the biggest stories dominating the airwaves.

Why is it a big deal? Who's trying to spin you a line? And, most importantly, why should you give a damn?

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Series Episodes

106: Concerts, the Economy and You

106: Concerts, the Economy and You

Music concerts are bigger than ever, but what does that mean for the industry, music fans - even the economy? Jamie O'Hara is here to tell on this week's Let Me Explain.

9 mins

15 February Finished

105: Wedding Prep

105: Wedding Prep

Wedding prep season is in full swing and we have Josh Crosbie in for Seán Defoe to give us a full planning guide!

14 mins

8 February Finished

104: Deposit Return Scheme

104: Deposit Return Scheme

On February 1st Ireland will adopt a new deposit return scheme for bottles and cans. Consumers will be able to return the items to their local shops to claim their deposit back. Let Ben Finnegan Explain...

11 mins

1 February Finished


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