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Jonathan responds to your texts and tweets, is joined in studio for all the latest science stories for Newsround and speaks to one of our two guests featured on the show.

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Series Episodes

Lessons in longevity from the naked mole-rat

Lessons in longevity from the naked mole-rat

Listeners to the show might remember that last year we spoke to Dr. Vera Gorbunova from Rochester Aging Research Center at the University of Rochester about her work on SIRT6 - often referred to as the “longevity gene” because of its important role in organising proteins and recruiting enzymes that repair broken DNA. Since then, she and her team have made significant progress in the study of longevity by successfully transferring a different gene from naked mole rats into mice, resulting in improved health and an extension of the mouse’s lifespan. Jonathan is joined by Dr. Vera Gorbunova to discuss.

27 mins

24 September Finished

Futureproof Extra: Protecting our underwater cultural heritage

Futureproof Extra: Protecting our underwater cultural heritage

Walk into any national museum, in any part of the world, and you will see artifacts of significance – from coins and jewellery, to weapons, utensils, artwork, clothing, and even human remains. They are preserved because these objects tell us something about who we are and where we came from. But what if there is an artifact that is tens, or even hundreds, of meters underwater? How do we protect it from deterioration? Joining Jonathan to discuss this is Dr. David Gregory, Senior Researcher and Honorary Professor from the National Museum of Denmark.

19 mins

19 September Finished

Can a robot be a person?

Can a robot be a person?

While the question of 'what is a robot?' might have been easily answered just a few years ago, it is increasingly difficult to define. So, rather than try to fit robots into the existing categories of what is a person and what is a thing, do we need a new framework for the twenty-first century?David J. Gunkel thinks so. He is Professor of Media Studies at Northern Illinois University and author of ‘Person-Thing-Robot: A Moral and Legal Ontology for the 21st Century and Beyond’ - he joins Jonathan to discuss.

35 mins

17 September Finished

Futureproof Extra: The World of Dust

Futureproof Extra: The World of Dust

Dust. You might hate it, you might want to get rid of it, you might not know where it comes from, but did you know there are actually two billion tonnes of dust lifted into the Earth’s atmosphere each year? Joining Jonathan to discuss the world of dust is researcher Jay Owens, who has written a new book called ‘Dust – The Modern World in a Trillion Particles’.

16 mins

12 September Finished

What our eyes can tell us about our health

What our eyes can tell us about our health

We think of our eyes as external organs, but anatomically we can also consider them to be an extension of the brain, and this feature is proving to be really useful when trying to understand not just what's happening in our brains, but in our bodies as well. Joining Jonathan to discuss is David Keegan, Consultant Ophthalmologist at the Mater Hospital.

37 mins

10 September Finished


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