S2 Ep54: Candle Nipples Sack of Cans Image

S2 Ep54: Candle Nipples Sack of Cans

8 June 2021 - 45 mins explicit
Podcast Series Dubland

Dubland begins this week with an accusation. PJ has the sort of tan that looks like it has a hint of Spanish sun in its making. PJ defends himself (and his dogs with the same lotion). Suzanne becomes more Irish when she's not in Ireland. PJ also reveals the results of his extremely interesting DNA test, and for the first time ever, Dubland exclusive, reveals who his real dad is. Suzanne gets a very fancy new kettle and toaster, very fancy now. She also talks about her new ASMR fetish, and PJ cannot understand it, he hates noise! Suzanne was on a podcast with Amy Huberman and PJ would not be able to meet her, she's Ireland's Kylie Minogue and his words would fail him. Sunny days mean people w...

45 mins

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