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MuggleCast is your weekly ride into the Wizarding World. Our Harry Potter podcast, hosted by four life-long friends, brings its listeners entertaining and thought-provoking discussions about the universe. With each new episode we discuss everything Harry Potter: the latest news, the Potter books, Fantastic Beasts, the theme parks, the video games, the fandom, and more! The show is currently hosting a Chapter by Chapter re-read of the original seven Harry Potter books!

The MuggleCast feed also presents a brand new show: What the Hype?! This podcast is the class you always wanted, but were never offered in school! Each week, a panel of pop culture junkies educate each other on today’s biggest...

Series Episodes

Potter Panic! Revisiting the HP vs. Christianity Controversies

Potter Panic! Revisiting the HP vs. Christianity Controversies

In this week’s MuggleCast, we’re setting book 4 down and picking up on real world controversy that was happening RIGHT as Goblet of Fire was first published, in July of 2000. At issue was whether the series, quickly gaining national publicity in the US, was instructing young readers to take up witchcraft, join the devil and abandon God. It’s HP vs Christianity on MuggleCast 666! New episodes of MuggleCast will now be released in full video on our YouTube channel, right when they are released on our podcast feed! For today’s Main Discussion, Eric has compiled a PDF of sources from the late 90’s to 2007 news media. The polished PDF is available via this link. By July of 2000, Harry Potter had gained massive popularity in the US, and raise alarm bells with some concerned parents. Were any of the hosts told not to read the HP books on religious grounds? The controversy may be categorized as a moral panic, not unlike the Satanic Panic phenomenon of the 80’s/90’s, which unfortunately had large ramifications. Why was HP targeted? And why were evangelicals in particular caught up in it? We discuss four main arguments against the Potter books: that they will make children want to do witchcraft or join the occult; that they make children susceptible to evil by downplaying the danger of magic; that the books themselves are intentionally demonic; that the books are just plain immoral! (We find it hard to disagree with the last point). Is there any evidence that kids joined the occult after reading the books? Years later in 2005, what did Georgia parent Laura Mallory add to the discussion surrounding the books? We review our own attempts on MuggleCast to get a hold of Mrs. Mallory. As late as 2019, the argument was still being used to ban books. What lessons can we learn from these events? Be sure to subscribe to MuggleCast Gold via Apple Podcasts, or join our Patreon for access to Bonus MuggleCast segments. Visit for transcripts, social media links, our full episode archive, favorite episodes and more! A very special thank you to Connie Neal, Judy Bloom, Rainbow Rowell and others for extolling the virtues of the Harry Potter series when we were all children and too young to do so in print media. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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Spicy Romance Books: The Good, The Bad, and the Cringe

Spicy Romance Books: The Good, The Bad, and the Cringe

Things are heating up on What The Hype as we dive into the world of smut in romance and romantasy! This week, Laura and Pam are joined by special guest and romance author, Jennifer Hennessy (‘Degrees of Engagement’), to discuss spicy scenes in romance and romantasy reads. There’s no denying that there’s been an uptick in interest in spicy reads thanks to BookTok, but what makes for a good steamy moment while reading? And more importantly, what gives us the ick and automatically takes us out of the moment? Plus, Jen offers up some insider insight into the world of publishing, the use of euphemisms, and why she thinks smut can be hit or miss for readers.Keep up with Jennifer Hennessy online via Twitter (X) and Instagram, and check out her books right here on her website! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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A Face Only Bellatrix Could Love (GOF Chapters 32 and 33, 'Flesh, Blood and Bone' and 'The Death Eaters')

A Face Only Bellatrix Could Love (GOF Chapters 32 and 33, 'Flesh, Blood and Bone' and 'The Death Eaters')

This week, witness the return of Lord Voldemort himself after 13 years without a proper body! To celebrate this ‘rebirthing party’, we’ll be discussing two chapters of Goblet of Fire! LAST CHANCE to grab this year’s physical gift... The MuggleCast 19 Years Later t-shirt! If you aren’t a Patron, now’s a great time to join! Pledge today at the Slug Club level and fill out the form by July 19 to be eligible. Note: you will only receive your shirt after you’ve been a Patron at this level for a minimum of three months. In addition, you’ll get other great benefits such as twice-monthly Bonus MuggleCast, the chance to co-host the show, a video message from one of the four of us and much more! Visit today! Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at LeakyCon Portland! Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Goblet of Fire, Chapter 31: Flesh, Blood and Bone and Chapter 32: The Death Eaters 7-Word Summary #1: Cedric falls to his untimely, sad demise Main Discussion #1: The Death of Cedric Diggory In such a frantic state, how can Wormtail muster the ability to cast the Killing Curse? Would Cedric have a had chance at survival if not for helping Harry? Does Harry have any time to process what's just happened to Cedric? Kill The Spare: Voldemort shows his complete disregard for human life Main Discussion #2: The Dark Lord’s Return We walk through the steps one must take in order to recreate a Dark Lord and analyze the symbolism of Voldemort in baby form Bone of the Father, Unknowingly Given. Why is it necessary for Voldemort to use his father’s bone given the magic comes from his mother’s side of the family? Flesh of the Servant, Willingly Given. How can one hand regenerate an entire body? By severing his right hand, has Wormtail eliminated any hope of Sirius' innocence? Blood of the Enemy, Forcibly Taken. Why did Voldemort have to wait for Harry? 7-Word Summary #2: Loyalists arrive and worship Voldemort’s triumphant revival Main Discussion #3: Voldemort Is Feeling “Chatty” How much does Voldemort know about his mother and father's relationship? Should Voldemort really be giving lessons on Chosen Family? Are any of his Death Eaters truly loyal to him? If Voldemort knew of Wormtail's debt to Harry, would he have killed him right there? Roll Call: We analyze the Death Eaters who are and are not present in the graveyard Main Discussion #4: How Did Voldemort Do It? Horcrux Tease! How much do the Death Eaters know about the lengths Voldemort went to in order to avoid death? Did Nagini's venom help Voldemort resume a more human form because Nagini herself used to be human? Quizzitch: What does the shadow of James Potter tell Harry he must do? Visit for episode transcripts, social media links, our full episode archive, our favorite episodes, and to contact us! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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'House of the Dragon': What's the Hype About This 'Game of Thrones' Prequel?

'House of the Dragon': What's the Hype About This 'Game of Thrones' Prequel?

On this week’s episode, Micah, Eric and Laura soar into Westeros to discuss the hype around HBO’s hit series House of the Dragon. Taking place 100 years after the unification of the Seven Kingdoms but nearly 200 years before Game of Thrones, does House of the Dragon have what it takes to live up to its predecessor? Are dragons alone enough of a sell? On this primer episode, the hosts discuss their relationship to the original series, what drew them back in and share the storylines and characters they believe will make House of the Dragon a roaring success. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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'Ghostbusters': What's the Hype About This Supernatural Comedy Series?

'Ghostbusters': What's the Hype About This Supernatural Comedy Series?

Hey, has anyone seen a ghost?! Just over 40 years since its theatrical debut, the firmly adult comedy ‘Ghostbusters’ (1984) that spawned 2 animated television series and 4 film sequels has stood the test of time. Just what is it about this working-class underdog story set in grubby New York City (back when the city still had, Micah says, “some big problems”), why was it the second-highest grossing film of 1984 (launching on the same day as ‘Gremlins’), and is it even relevant today? In this episode of What the Hype?! Micah and Eric are joined by Ivan Guerrero, Ghostbusters (and LEGO) super fan! This is the first part of a multi-part series which will explore the cultural legacy of Ghostbusters and unpack all that it has to offer. So join us for this so-called Slimer primer and get ready to bust some ghosts! (Because, of course, bustin’ makes us feel good!) Check out Ivan’s vintage movie trailer for ‘The Ghost Busters’ (1954)! Ivan can be found on YouTube at @WhoIsEyevan ( and on Instagram at @bulldoozerbricks ( Don't forget to follow us in your favorite podcast app, leave us a review, and tell a friend about the show! We're also releasing full video episodes on YouTube! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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