The King, the Queen, and Their Country Image

The King, the Queen, and Their Country

8 May 2023 - 36 mins
Podcast Series Dynasty by Vanity Fair

The DYNASTY hosts recap King Charles’s coronation, the highs and lows, and the Prince Harry of it all

36 mins

Series Episodes

Introducing: This is Uncomfortable

Introducing: This is Uncomfortable

 At what point do you walk away from your dreams? Kashy gave himself a deadline: if he didn’t become a pop star by the time he turned 25, he’d give up music. But years after he left his music career behind, the universe gave him a second chance, thousands of miles from home.

35 mins

15 February Finished

From In the Dark: The Runaway Princesses

From In the Dark: The Runaway Princesses

The wives and daughters of Dubai’s ruler live in unbelievable luxury. So why do the women in Sheikh Mohammed’s family keep trying to run away? The New Yorker staff writer Heidi Blake joins In the Dark’s Madeleine Baran to tell the story of the royal women who risked everything to flee the brutality of one of the world’s most powerful men. In four episodes, drawing on thousands of pages of secret correspondence and never-before-heard audio recordings, “The Runaway Princesses” takes listeners behind palace walls, revealing a story of astonishing courage and cruelty.“The Runaway Princesses” is a four-part narrative series from In the Dark and The New Yorker. To keep listening, follow In the Dark wherever you get your podcasts or via this link

14 mins

30 January Finished

Introducing About A Boy: The Story of Vladimir Putin

Introducing About A Boy: The Story of Vladimir Putin

In the West, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is always seen as one of two things: KGB spy or judo master. But to anyone who’s ever lived in the Soviet Union, Putin is something else entirely: a street kid. Join journalist Julia Ioffe as she explores how Putin’s childhood taught him lessons that shape his thinking and actions to this day.

3 mins

5 October 2023 Finished

The Rebranding of King Charles

The Rebranding of King Charles

The king’s speech? That may mean far less than what has so far gone unsaid over the days of celebration and circumstance. What comes next for the man and his family?

33 mins

16 May 2023 Finished

The Palace and the Press

The Palace and the Press

After Harry and Meghan’s royal exit, the royal family doubled down on “never complain, never explain,” but there are a few signs that the Buckingham Palace public relations strategy is undergoing a reset. Can King Charles change the Palace’s relationship with the press?

32 mins

2 May 2023 Finished


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