Feeling Stuck in a Life Rut #127 Image

Feeling Stuck in a Life Rut #127

12 June - 54 mins explicit
Podcast Series Hold My Drink with Charleen and Ellie

This week, Charleen and Ellie talk about the feeling of being stuck in a rut with your life - feeling unmotivated, unenergised and just a bit all over the place. What can you do to help take you out of this rut? And what can you do to find the energy and purpose in life again?

The girls help with a dilemma about a girl who's boyfriend has no qualifications, keeps moving jobs and won't stick to anything, and she's worrying about their future together. And for Phone A Friend, our followers give advice to a listener who's boyfriend kissed someone else on a lads holiday, but he says he pushed her away immediately once it happened. Is it still cheating?

54 mins

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